Use your chances of winning effectively with the Austrian Class Lottery

Use your chances of winning effectively with the Austrian Class Lottery

Many people dream of big money. Austrian Class Lottery is a good way to make this dream come true. Here you can win not only a lot of money. The chances are quite high.

How does the Austrian class lottery work?

If you take a closer look at the Austrian Class Lottery, you will notice some differences to the Lotto as it is known in Germany.

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The main difference is that one drawing round lasts half a year and includes six classes.

A class is played in each case over one month. Every week there is a draw. So if you participate in all six classes, you have 24 times the chance of winning.

The whole works after a quite simple principle. When you buy a class ticket, you are assigned a ticket number. If this number is drawn, you get your winnings.

What you can win at the Austrian Class Lottery?

Another special feature of the Austrian Class Lottery is that the total winnings distributed from the beginning is fixed. 126 million euros are at stake. The distribution of winnings is guaranteed and supervised by the state. Another advantage is the high chance of winning. There are 248.196 wins and only 250.000 tickets. This means that the probability of winning something is relatively high.

The winnings are divided into different classes:

    Use your chances of winning effectively with the Austrian Class Lottery
  • Once a week participants can win up to one million.
  • In addition, participants play for many additional winnings from 200 to 100.000 euros.
  • Last but not least there is a big final draw. Here participants can win a total of up to 10 million euros. Winnings are composed of 1 x 5 million and 5 x 1 million euros.

The winnings are anonymous and are not taxed

Which tickets are available for the Austrian Class Lottery?

At the Austrian Class Lottery you can choose between different types of tickets. They differ in price and distributed profit:

  • the whole lot (10/10)
  • the proportional lot (z.B. 3/10)
  • the combination ticket

If you buy a whole lot and win something, you can dispose of the complete winning sum on your own. With a proportional lottery ticket you have to share the winnings with others. The winning amount depends on the size of the share. With a 3/10 ticket, you win 30 percent of the money.

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A combination lottery ticket combines several lottery ticket types in one. This way you can increase your chances of winning.

With the Austrian Class Lottery there is another big advantage. You can decide here individually how much you want to spend. One does not have to play all six classes. If you only want to participate in one drawing round, that’s no problem. The prices for the lots also depend on the amount of the share. A complete ticket costs 150 euros. A tenth share accordingly costs only 15 euros.

What is the probability of winning the Austrian Class Lottery?

The Austrian Class Lottery is so popular not least because of its high probability of winning. Even with a single ticket you have good cards. If you buy more tickets, you can increase your chances even more.

Number of lots Probability of winning
1 71.75 percent
3 97.74 percent
6 99.95 percent

If you don’t want to rely entirely on your luck and are looking for other ways to earn money, you could also try sports betting. The advantage here is that many calculable factors go into the results. If you have a lot of experience, you can win a lot of money with relative risk.