How different websites get traffic and earn money

How different websites get traffic and earn money

Above all, cooperation with CPA networks guarantees reliable payments. This is especially true for newbies who are just taking their first steps in internet marketing. Namely, the vpartner program takes care of the organizational issues and provides all the necessary tools.

How websites convert traffic into money

CPA marketing is a model where online advertising is paid for a specific action on a website. These actions are

  • Login;
  • Watch videos;
  • product to order;
  • File download;
  • Visiting a landing page;
  • Install app and so on.

Step 1: Selection of a partner platform

Choosing a good affiliate program like Ice Casino affiliate program is a very responsible step, because your income will depend on. There is a step-by-step guide for choosing the right affiliate program:

  • study the terms and conditions of the partnership in detail. Each affiliate program offers different working models.
  • If you are satisfied with them, sign up.
  • Then choose the offers, connect with them and start working.

Step 2: Choose specific offers

If you are just starting with affiliate programs, you should not choose the most expensive offers. The higher the payments are, the more difficult it will be to attract visitors.
Also, be sure to include restrictions on what sources traffic is or is not accepted from. When choosing an offer, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Amount or percentage of payment;
  • Compensation of the affiliate program for the traffic provided;
  • Content of the lead: concrete actions of the customer, e.g.B. Registration, SMS confirmation, purchase, entering the zip code;
  • Geographic location of the offer – the country from which the traffic comes;
  • Permitted advertising methods;
  • available advertising tools: links, banners.

Step 3: Analysis of the target audience

The most important step in this phase is the analysis of the target group. Or the following steps are enough to work with the traffic:

  • go to the affiliate program;
  • look at the breakdown by region, age/gender;
  • try to get a picture in your head.

Step 4: Setting up the traffic source

When working with the offers, you need to consider what types of traffic you can and cannot use. Because if these rules are violated, all the money earned can be returned to the advertiser.
The recommended types of traffic include:

  • SE0 search traffic;
  • Banner ads;
  • PPC;
  • targeted advertising;
  • Teaser advertisement.

Step 5: Popular tools

Each affiliate program has a mandatory set of advertising materials, z.B.

  • The banner leads to the partner’s page.
  • A teaser is a text link with an image.
  • The rotator alternately shows banners and teaser blocks from the preset list.
  • The product feed is a download of the selected products in XML or CSV format.

Step 6: Making a profit

The main task in working with affiliate programs is to organize the work so that everything runs like a finely tuned mechanism. You receive the money and use it for your work. The pattern is as follows: Funds spent – Leads – Profit – Funds spent.
These steps sound very simple. In reality, it is much more complicated than the. Each step can be optimized and improved. You can search for additional income opportunities.