How high are the chances of winning in online casinos really

How high are the chances of winning in online casinos really?

Surely you have asked yourself how high your chances of winning in online casinos really are. Are high stakes worthwhile in order to achieve a high profit? The stationary arcades have long since conquered the virtual world and offer their games partially only online. But can they even keep up with the classic arcades? The article goes through the topic and shows you the winning rates at the slot machines.

The bank always wins

The sentence “The bank always wins” you have certainly often heard in connection with casinos. A spark of truth it actually contains. The casinos no matter whether stationary or virtual, can book for themselves the so-called house advantage. This is a probability calculation that determines what percentage a player will lose when betting money.

Since this calculation is only an approximate prediction, the online casino can not rely on this value. For you as a player, it is important to keep this house edge as low as possible. A good game strategy, especially in the area of table and card games, is worth cash money. In addition, you can use the calculation for yourself to calculate your probability of winning.

Learning to steer your luck in online casinos

Some games in online casinos are more lucrative than others. To increase your chances of winning, you should pick the cherry. Pick the casino games that promise a low house edge for the operator. Games such as poker or blackjack belong to this genre. In these games you can directly intervene in the game by making your own decisions.

On the other hand, you will find a high house edge in roulette. This is a game you should avoid in order not to suffer a loss. On the contrary, baccarat offers a balanced house advantage for both players and the online casino. You can recognize a serious online casino by the fact that you are provided with information about which house advantage applies to the individual games.

How high are the chances of winning in online casinos really

Winning chances in the online casino | Photo: whekevi,, Pixabay License

The payout ratio as an indicator of high winnings

In addition to the house advantage, which helps the operator of the online casino with its probability of winning, there is an indicator that you can use as a player. With this one, you should always keep an eye on the payout percentages, as these show you the percentage that will come back to you from your real-money wagers. Many providers show the payout ratio directly with their game offer. This information will help you to determine your possibilities. A high value is the indicator for higher chances of winning. As a rule, slot machines have a payout ratio of over 90 percent.

Maximum profit at low stakes

The indicators of house advantage, payout odds and high-payout slot machines only contribute to a certain extent to increasing your chances of winning. An important factor is still an interesting game with an equally exciting progression. A good tactic and your preferences also provide you with an excellent basis. A comparison of the various components of the online casino provider can be worthwhile for you and even double your stake.

The best chances for a high win

Entertaining slot machines does not have to be synonymous with high winnings. It is the same the other way round. However, you will find some games in online casinos that bring a high chance of winning. Among the favorites are especially blackjack and video poker, which are close to the 100 percent payout rate. No wonder why so many people in Germany are on the move in online casinos. In the same way, you will also find games where you have less chance of winning. The payout ratio of Keno, for example, is just around the 85 percent mark.

As a player, you can influence your chances of winning at each game yourself. The important thing is whether and in what form you can become active in the game. The popular slot machines allow almost no direct participation in the game. As soon as you spin the reels or start the game, luck decides. All you can do is wait and see which winning symbols you grab. The same applies to roulette, which can only be influenced by the strategy you choose.

In card games, on the other hand, you can actively participate in the game action. You decide, for example, whether to add an extra card to your hand and with a little skill turn the game in your favor. Playing poker in the virtual arcades also promises an influence of the player. The right strategy and the perfect poker face will lead you to victory with a little luck.