Statistics about the visit of online slot machines in Germany

Statistics on visits to online gaming machines in Germany

Gambling is not only very popular in Germany, but also worldwide more and more people use this nice pastime. More than 70 percent of all respondents state that they have participated in gambling at least once in the past. Thereby only about 10 percent more men play a game of chance than the women. Those who are not yet so familiar with online casinos can, for example, sites such as use.

Every month in Germany, almost half of all residents spend a little money on gambling. Mostly the amount is around 20 euros. 10 percent also regularly play for higher stakes, which are between 50 and 100 euros. About 4 percent spend more than 100 euros.

These games of chance are particularly popular

About 57 percent of all respondents play the lottery 6 out of 49. Almost 40 percent have already used the popular scratch cards or instant lotteries. Almost 20 percent prefer to play slot machines or online casinos.

Pathological gamers face the risk of becoming addicted, especially in gambling halls. This is where most of the problems also arise to fall into a debt trap. Particularly endangered are humans, who stand gladly in restaurants at the play automats.

Slot machines | Photo: djedj,, CC0 Creative Commons

The losses and turnovers at gambling

Statistics about the visit of online slot machines in Germany

More than 40 billion euros are turned over annually with gambling in Germany alone. Not included are sports betting, social lotteries or online gambling offered by foreign companies. Slot machines accounted for about 25 billion of this total.

But also the costs caused by a gambling addiction increase enormously. 326 million euros were calculated for the national economy in costs. This includes costs incurred for outpatient or inpatient treatment, acquisitive crime or costs incurred through job losses.

Often, some gamblers end up with extremely high debts, since the business is only worthwhile for the providers if the profits are greater than the losses. 33 percent of all gambling addicts have no debts according to their own data. 16 percent, however, come to an average value of 25.000 euros.

But the state also gains from gambling. Alone in the automats Aufstellerbereich 7 billion euro were taken in turnover, amusement or trade tax payments. So business is not only worthwhile for the operators. By the way, the highest gross gaming income was generated by online casinos.

Around 70 percent of all Germans gamble to win money. Socializing, excitement and variety are other motives to gamble.

The spread of gambling addiction

According to further studies, about 1 percent of all 16 – 65 year old gamblers are pathologically at risk of addiction. More than 240.000 people in Germany exhibit problematic behavior. Almost 220.000 gamblers belong to the pathological gamblers. This means that in Germany around 500.000 people have a problem with gambling and are at least at risk of it. Among men, the number is twice as high as among women. Men under 25 are particularly at risk.

It goes well

The statistics for online casinos look very good. More and more gamers decide to play in an online casino, because it is particularly convenient to gamble here. It is also good to note that in spring and summer there is significantly less gambling than on cold days. In addition, the chances of winning in the casinos increase towards the end of the year. And most gamers play just to earn some money.