Which are the best current accounts

Which are the best current accounts?

In times when interest rates are low and saved money in the account yields nothing, one must urgently take care to keep costs as low as possible. When it comes to current accounts, there have been free alternatives to the old account at the house bank for a long time now.

Especially for customers who receive their monthly salary on the account, which should apply to the vast majority of bank customers in Germany, there are free offers. So-called salary accounts with a monthly minimum deposit offer banking and giro card and usually also a credit card for free. Time to change for customers who still have to pay account maintenance fees at their house bank for it.

Which are the best offers?

THE best account does not exist. Depending on the specifications of the customer, the ranking looks different. However, if one assumes that each month a salary of 1.500 euros on the account is received, the account is about 20 days in the plus and only a few days a slight Dispo credit is needed, then the new Salary account of Santander Bank best convince. And this despite the fact that Santander is more of a classic branch bank. On place 2 lands the BBBank.

Among the direct banks, where customers do the vast majority of their banking online or over the phone, the winner is called DKB Deutsche Kreditbank. DKB Bank, with its free credit card and the extremely interesting interest on balances on this card, is also particularly recommended for travel abroad.
Runner-up here is the DAB Bank. If you take into account the special bonus offers for new customers, then the comdirect bank before the netbank.

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The end of the year is near. Time to take care of one’s bank account as well. Charges the old bank still fees for account management and credit card and Girocard? Then it is urgent time to look for a free alternative. Depending on personal requirements, a large number of attractive offers are available.

Simply in peace the conditions of the individual banks compare and with its personal desires; one can use the forthcoming calm days to the turn of the year also once for it. Then you will certainly find and can save a lot of money in the new year.